Children Gain Confidence in Their Physical and Mental Abilities Through our Kids Taekwondo Curriculum

The Kids Taekwondo program at Excel Martial Arts is committed to helping Jacksonville's children grow physically, mentally, and socially. While the physical benefits of martial arts training are probably the most obvious, the gifts of great training extend well beyond the mat. At Excel, you can expect your child to:

  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Develop flexibility and agility
  • Build respect for self and courtesy for others
  • Learn the value of perseverance and self-control

And, all of this happens while acquiring practical self-defense skills that will grow their confidence.

Excel Martial Arts Welcomes Students of All Ages

At Excel Martial Arts, we believe martial arts training has tangible benefits for students of all ages. Our Little Dragons program offers students 3-6 years old the opportunity to develop gross motor skills in a fast-paced environment that will keep even the youngest students engaged. They will increase physical abilities like balance and coordination as they are led by experienced instructors who will prepare them to take the next step in their Martial Arts journey.

Our Kids Taekwondo program serves students 7-12 years old. Through weekly classes, participants build a strong foundation in self-defense techniques in a fun and positive atmosphere. As students grow in their abilities, they rise through the ranks towards a black belt, learning the value of goal-setting, perseverance, and dedication.

Give Your Child the Gift of Kids Taekwondo training

Are you seeking a way to help your child develop both their physical abilities and their character? Do you want to plug them into a supportive community that will inspire them to be their best? If your answer is yes, then Excel Martial Arts would love to guide your student on their martial arts journey just like we've done for so many families in Jacksonville, Pleasant Valley, Alexandria, Piedmont, and Anniston. Fill out the form on your screen to take the first step.


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