Strengthen Your Bodies and Your Relationships with Family Martial Arts

Many martial arts schools boast age and skill-level appropriate instruction. At Excel Martial Arts, we take that idea a step further with our Family Martial Arts classes. In this unique program, Jacksonville families are given the opportunity to train alongside each other, whether the participants are 6, 16, or 66.

Excel Martial Arts Will Help You Set a Solid Example

We all know that "Do what I say, not what I do" has little chance of inspiring a child to be the best they can be. Leading by example, on the other hand, that's a way to make a lasting impression. Our Family Martial Arts classes will help you turn your "quality time" into an arena for challenging your children to develop physical and mental skills by showing them that you are willing to work hard on building your own. Through basic Taekwondo training, your whole family will develop:

  • basic self-defense skills
  • increased fitness and flexibility
  • life skills like courtesy, respect, integrity, perseverance, integrity, and self-control

Bring Your Entire Family to Join the Excel Martial Arts Community

At Excel Martial Arts, we are giving Jacksonville more than just another Taekwondo school. We are building a community, and we'd love for your family to be a part of it. The special rates for our Family Martial Arts programs make high-quality Taekwondo training accessible to every member of your family. If your interested in finding out how a family that trains together can stay together, fill out the form on your screen!

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