Kids Taekwondo near Jacksonville

Bethany Bible

Ms. Bible has been training Taekwondo since she was 11 years old. Now a Level 4 Certified Instructor, she has 6 years of instructing under her belt, and currently serves as Co-Chief Instructor of Excel Martial Arts. She is currently a Second Degree Senior Black Belt, and is a 21-time tournament gold medalist. She has a special interest in teaching Women's Self-Defense, and enjoys helping other women feel empowered, safe, and confident in their own abilities. Starting Taekwondo as a kid heavily impacted her character development and self-confidence. She has a passion for teaching kids and hopes to be a role model to them in the same way others inspired her when she was growing up.

Students have reviewed her, stating "Ms. Bible is okay," all the way to "Ms. Bible is awesome! Best instructor ever!! She always makes me laugh."

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