Excel Taekwondo is a great place to train. Our 5 year old has been here for a while and he loves it. It’s a very inviting atmosphere for all ages though. Very reasonably priced. Instructors are great and work on building a well rounded student.

Joe Henderson

This is an outstanding martial arts school with fantastic instructors. They go above and beyond to work with each student, build great relationships, and teach valuable skills. FANTASTIC!!!
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Emily Reece

I would highly recommend Excel Taekwondo! They're extremely great with little ones. The instructors make learning and exercising fun. They're very respectful and take the time to answer any questions I have, and they take time with ALL the children. I've tried my son at other sports and he didn't have any interest or fun and I always felt so bad to force him to finish, this was my last resort at finding something interactive for him. I had very little expectations that my son would like it or he would learn anything because of his age and I was overly surprised at the amount of interest he has and how much he learns in class! He loves class so much he gets upset when class is over and wants to stay to watch the next class. He loves being with the instructors and talks about them and class even at home. I'm so happy I found Excel Taekwondo thank you guys and gals for accepting my little one as part of the family, and for making this a positive experience for him! We greatly appreciate you guys. I'm so happy that my son has finally found a passion and he's able to grow it with you guys. Thank you so much. ♥️♥️♥️
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Tiffany Taylor

The instructors are amazing n go above n beyond just teaching them what they need for their next belt they take the time to help make sure they understand what they’re learning and also offer a variety of many other fun activities for one n all not just their students 😊

Tina Frisby Isbell

Patient, caring, skilled instructors. Helpful students. Friendly, inclusive atmosphere. A wonderful place to build the mind, body and spirit! A+++

Fred Luhn

Great place to train and improve your overall health! Fantastic instructors who are always very helpful to all of their students! Highly recommend!

Kelly G

As any parent would, I have been trying to unplug my child as often as possible. It’s far from easy to get him interested in anything not gaming related or device driven. He has Asperger’s which makes it that much harder to de-device him. I called and spoke with the owner, and asked if they had experience with special needs children. They said yes and offered to let him come test the waters and see how it went. I was extremely impressed with how much they listened, and took my description of his quirks and triggers, and implemented that immediately into a program that he now loves. They are very encouraging, and address his individual needs as a beginner while allowing him to be part of the bigger more advanced group. He has adopted the routine, and tells me when it’s class day. It’s nice to finally find something physical that grasps his attention without the dreaded meltdowns. I wholeheartedly recommend this facility to anyone at any level of fitness and any level of ability. These guys really welcome everyone!

Brandy Muller

This is an amazing place for kids and adults to boost their self esteem and to learn discipline

Mechelle Mahan

All the staff are very interested in the success of the student. Flexible days to attend help with our busy family life too.

Rhonda Watkins

its very entertaining and helps me work out and train to be a better me.

Jacob mccarley

Absolutely love this team of instructors! They are very motivational and always professional. The family friendly atmosphere is always welcoming and encouraging! The instructors are exceptional teachers as well as role models! Highly recommend for all ages!

Mary Dickerson

Awesome place!! I look forward to my son’s progress!

Mark Hicks

Mr. Kyner and his team are exceptional and enthusiastic instructors who care for each of their students. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a family environment for kids and adults to work out, grow as martial artists, and have fun.

Sarah Starnes

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